Saturday, December 18, 2010

::: Wonder what It's Like to Be Nice | Deluxe Sticker Set | $6.25

::: Wonder what It's Like to Be Nice | Deluxe Sticker Set | $6.25

Monday, December 14, 2009

I did it - My first Etsy sale!

Well I'll be darned, yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus! I had my first sale on Etsy. It was one of my handcrafted blank "pocket" books.

I'm glad some one broke the ice. I have another available just like it and others with different designs. Check out the link to my shop on the right hand column to see more.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Windows 7 - OK maybe I spoke too soon?

I was lamenting the launch of Windows 7 because my crafting gagets/toys won't work on that OS and I need a new computer. Well,  maybe I spoke too soon.  I just found out that there is something called Windows XP mode that is available on the Windows 7 pro, enterprise and ultimate editions. It is a  fully licensed and ready to run copy of Windows XP. It has it's own virtural DVD, virtural hard disk, virtural memory and virtural network connection. You need to run it in a separate window and you can download and operate software using Windows XP just like you could on you old computer. You will need to remember to turn XP mode on and off, since the primary OS is still Windows 7, but I can think of worse things!

OK maybe Windows 7 might work for me after all?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I will try being nicer if you will try being smarter...

I have a line of t shirts, mugs and other nice gifts on Zazzle. Take a peek!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Windows 7 launch today DOESN'T work for me

Today Microsoft is launcing their newest and best operating system called Windows 7. This is supposed to be a huge improvement over Windows Vista, but it really DOESN'T work for me at all, even if it is better. I have heard all kinds of horrifying things about Vista and how everyone pretty much HATED IT. So much so, that Microsoft tried to re-lauch it wearing a mask and costume and renaming itself Mojave. A pig in a silk dress and lipstick is still a pig. (and I love bacon!)

I'm all for improvement, but it puts me in a pickle. I'm into arts and crafting  big time, so much so, that I have bought several pricy craft related gagets that require the use of a computer. Just for example, I own a Pazzles computerized paper cutter, a Singer Futura embroidery machine, and a Cricut Gypsy, and a few other items that don't NEED a computer, but definitely  benefit from me having access to one. All of these pricy gagets run just fine on the Windows XP OS I already have in my 3 year old laptop I'm typing on right now, but they don't run on Windows 7. My laptop is showing it's age already, because the DVD optical drive only works when it feels like it. If today isn't a good day for it, I'm out of luck. I need to buy a new computer because I wasn't able to install the drivers for the Singer Futura software before my optical drive went on the fritz, and the cost of paying some one to fix it is almost as much as what a new laptop costs. That means I have a $800 embroidery machine that I can't use until I buy a new computer, which will likely have Windows 7 loaded on it. You can still get Windows XP, but then I would have to get some one to uninstall Windows 7 and put XP in it. That will kill the budget! Or, I could buy a used system with XP already on it and a fuctioning optical drive and dedicate it solely to these gagets. But once my current laptop does finally drop dead, I think I would want a new one rather tha rely on the old one dedicated to the gagets.

Buying old gagets to make my existing gagets operate is a pain. Why can't we just stick with Windows XP?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Gypsy has failed to hold my attention...

I just couldn't help myself when HSN debuted the Cricut Gypsy Sept 24th. I bought it thinking it would be great to be able to "design on the go". Unfortunately, I haven't even remembered to take it with me. It sits there with a smirk on it's face, knowing I may never get around to fully using it. What's up with that? I wanted it as much as a teenager wants his or her first kiss, and now I can't even remember to take it with me!
Another odd thing, I went back to playing with my Pazzles Inspiration cutter after I got the Gypsy. I had stopped for awhile, while I played with my new baby bug cutter (Cricut). Maybe I should send the Gypsy back or sell it on eBay. I think I may have just hit my crafting gadget overload.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I received my Cricut Gypsy yesterday!

Yeah I'm weak, so I bought one. I  tried to tell myself I don't need it because I only have the Baby bug.(Yeah right!) Did I mention that I also own a Pazzles Inspiration, the newest one? I bought that from HSN also on the day it debuted in 2008.
Anybody who doesn't know what the heck a Cricut Gypsy is click here

I got the Gypsy today and if I hadn't watched EVERY HSN presentation, I wouldn't have any idea of what to do with it, because it has NO INSTRUCTIONS included. OH MY BAD, it does tell you to push and hold the button to turn it on, BUT NOTHING ELSE. What's wrong with Provo Craft and HSN? What brand of crack are they smoking? I guess they both figured if you are enough of a Cricut fan to buy it you will be willing to figure it out on your own. Heh Heh Heh. It's also very convenient that HSN has removed the ability to write a review for it. They don't want the early birds to point out anything that might discourage anyone who missed it but still wants one. I don't know if I like it yet. Maybe I'll keep it, or maybe I'll sell it for a nice little profit on eBay. I will post an update on it shortly.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OK - I ate the Kashi!

Well, I received the free sample of Kashi cereal in the mail the other day.

My first impression was Kashi knows good marketing! The reason I say that is because I was expecting a FREE COUPON for the cereal. That coupon may have never been used because I'm not keen on food shopping and when I do I often forget where my coupons are. The fact that they sent an actual box of the cereal WORKED.  Some how I managed to remember to buy some Parmalat milk in the box before my sample showed up. I rarely buy milk because I'm slightly lactose intolerant. I guess I should consider buying some Lactaid.  I can handle dairy in small amounts. I think the lactose intolerant thing is just a mental thing on my part because I LOVE cheese, ice cream, and yogurt and they rarely bother me. Maybe because Mom made us eat so darn much cereal as a kid my stomach started to balk.  BUT I DIGRESS!

Well now I know why Total is  trying to TKO Kashi.  My first impression (sight) was "Lordy, this stuff looks like Kibbles and Bits / crumbled Granola bars". Now that's NOT good since Kibbles and Bits is a dog food and Granola doesn't really work for me. But, since I try not to judge a book by it's cover, I smelled it (good), then decided to taste some dry without the milk. DUSTY and DRY, but slightly, deliciously sweet.  I asked them to send me the one with dried blueberries and that's the part I liked the most. I ate the rest with milk and was a little put off by the texture, but none the less ate it all.  Not because I was hungry or anthing but because IT TASTES GOOD. After I finished I actually wished I had another sample.... but since I need to curb my appetite these days maybe it was good I didn't have another.

That was Monday, and everyday since then I have thought about that damned cereal. OK, I promised myself I will go to the supermarket tomorrow (remember I don't really like food shopping) to get another box. GO KASHI! Next time I'll just let it soak in the milk to soften the texture a little. Total Raisin Bran, I love ya, but remember you started it. I had NEVER heard of Kashi until you took square aim at the brand. Just remember, sometimes it's not what you said, it's what you DIDN'T say that I notice.
              And Total DIDN'T say that Kashi tastes good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EntreCard - Get the word out

I just joined Entrecard, a free service that allows you to promote your blog by dropping your card (a 125×125 image) on other blogs. It was recommended by Lisa Irby from This lady seems to be on the ball so I'm going to "taste it, you know you want to!"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Did I mention I paint very large pictures and make make ACEOs which are very small?